Refuse To Be A Victim Program

The Refuse To Be A Victim (RTBAV) program was started in 1993 by the National Rifle Association.  It was an educational endeavor aimed at educating women and girls about personal safety in various environments.  It became so popular that it went co-ed in 1997.  There are approximately 8,000 people certified to facilitate the program and the majority are non law-enforcement personnel who have a profound interest in safety and educating the public.  The student quickly realizes that it is frequently quick, convenient, and relatively inexpensive to avoid being a criminal’s target. For although a criminal has a perverted sense of right and wrong, he still is human; he wants to be successful (to commit the crime)and with as little effort as possible. If he perceives that his “victim” is actually an “opponent” he is most likely going to look for an easier target.

2 responses to “Refuse To Be A Victim Program

  1. Hi Dr. Ptaszynski! Thank you, again, so very much for your very dynamic and most informative “Victim” course. I gave you rave reviews to my co-workers! I would just like to leave you one comment that I did not write down last night. The only thing I would like to suggest is that at the end of the course when the participants are asked to fill out the evaluation form, I think at least a 5 minute quiet period should be allowed for one to think clearly and fill in the form. Last night, things seemed to close and talking and a lot of activity, and I felt hurried to complete the form and could have done a better job to reflect my thoughts. Maybe I’m just one who needs a little quiet with a thinking task at hand, but that is my only suggestion. Again, great job and continued success to you in your retirement!!

    • Hi Pat! Thanks for your note and your participation in our Refuse To Be A Victim seminar.
      Your suggestion is a good one which I will implement with the very next presentation in May. Our group was very interactive and we were fortunate to have those two police officers who were willing to share their experience and understanding of the law to help us prevent crime in the lives of ourselves, our family and friends. I wish you continued safety in all aspects of your life!

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