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Essentials of Personal Safety

Essentials of Personal Safety  provides an information  foundation on which to build increased safety into your life and thereby prevent crime. Criminal psychology is discussed,along with Pre-Incident Indicators which are “red flags” that tip a potential crime victim that “something may be about to happen!”  A  number of cases will be discussed. Most of them are local to Connecticut. We will talk about What happened, Why it happened, and Options the victim may have to avoid / handle the crime.  Through this discussion we build up our self-confidence that we need not be “bullied” by criminals; that staying safe is not an impossible task in our world today. Essentials of Personal Safety is a “preview” of the Refuse To Be A Victim Program which discusses safety and crime prevention in the various areas of your life: Home, Auto, Shopping and Travel, Work, Technological  and Medical. Knowledge IS Power when you use it.  When you use this knowledge, you will be able to Deter, Delay, Detect and Deny crime!!  I look  forward to meeting you!!!