Criminals Are Always Looking…

“That there are no crimes occurring, is the biggest misconception,” I answered the reporter from the Observer (see 1/8/2015 copy).  Just because people do not read in the newspaper (or on the computer)about crime taking place, or do not hear about it on the radio, or do not see it reported on the TV news, they conclude that it’s just not happening!  They forget that news stories are publicized based on their news-worthiness (read: “ability to generate interest and sell ‘product'”). As a result they get a false sense of safety for themselves, their family, and their community. And this leads to complacency, “the mother of error” as described by  Lt. Col. David Grossman. Learn about the anatomy of a crime and the steps to avoid it at the next Refuse To Be A Victim seminar on Saturday, January 10, 2015, at Wolf’s Indoor Range. Call 860.582.4388 to register or for more details. Value $90.  Price $30. Discounts available; I hope to see you there!


Criminals are always looking for opportunities to commit crime. After all, this is what they are good at!
Successful crime boosts a criminal’s self-esteem! But it is bad for the victim who may be hurt, robbed, or
As alert citizens we can prevent crime by not providing the criminal with the opportunity.
Recognize the warning signs of a crime-in-evolution and you can leave the scene. What, when, how…?
Find out at Refuse To Be A Victim
Call 860.582.4388 to register and visit for more safety information!

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