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Starting in May 2016 the NRA had changed the format for the Basic Pistol Shooting/Permit course. The protocol consisted of a 5-6 hour Phase 1  Powerpoint presentation online, followed by an objective question test. The NRA charges $60 for the Phase 1 instruction.  After the student passed the test with at least a “90 percent”mark (5 attempts are allowed if necessary), a certificate is printed, retrieved by the student and brought to the local NRA certified pistol instructor for Phase 2. This phase consists of the “hands-on” training, including “dry fire”practice in my studio, and live fire instruction at Wolf’s Indoor Range on Middle St. in Bristol. Phase 2 takes 5-7 hours depending on class size and student performance. Tuition cost for Phase 2 is $100.

This format is still available. However in May 2017 the NRA has resurrected the “traditional” 8 hour, local Instructor only format that had existed before the 2-Phase program. Instruction includes everything listed above and the tuition cost is $125 total.

I try to keep  my schedule flexible to best accommodate my students’ schedules. With either format the price ($100 or $125) includes the Refuse To Be A Victim seminar at no additional charge! This personal safety, crime-prevention seminar helps the new firearm owner “keep their firearm in their holster!” Call 860.582.4388 to book an appointment or with any questions.

Better yet, register at for one of the listed seminars and I will contact you. I look forward to training with you!!!