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Niceness Is a Weakness??!!

One characteristic of criminals is that they see niceness as a weakness which they should exploit to commit their crime successfully.  When you are “nice to a stranger,” and if they are a criminal, they may take that opportunity to commit their crime. As you become aware of this, you may realize that  assertiveness is appropriate. Like  a tool for self-defense, you should practice when to use assertiveness, how to use it, and be committed to use it when needed!

I’ll “rise to the occasion” if something happens.

Many people, when talking about safety and crime-prevention, say that they will “rise to the occasion” if confronted by a criminal. So they don’t plan their response in advance for various scenarios.

Defense experts report that when confronted by a criminal, the average citizen will not “rise to the occasion” but rather “default to their previous level of training,” and their response accuracy under the adrenaline surge will only be half-as-good as at their last practice.

Learn how you may minimize your “default response” and optimize your effective response by attending the Refuse To Be A Victim seminar. See blog site or call 860.582.4388 to register or for more information.

When to Answer the Door

You’re at home and really tied up in a chore, middle of the day, on a week day, when your doorbell rings.  Should you answer it, or just hope they walk away?

Safety statistics now recommend that all rings of the doorbell should be acknowledged.  True burglars, who don’t want to encounter people with their burglary, will ring the bell of a house they have “cased,” to be sure it’s empty before breaking in.

You don’t have to open the door; call through the door. And you’re never home “alone;” answer “We can’t come to the door right now!” The burglar will be only too happy to give you some lame excuse and leave the scene for another victim’s  unoccupied home.

Robbers, however, are different. To learn more on preventing crime from robbers and burglars, and on personal safety, attend the Refuse To Be A Victim seminar at Bristol Eastern H S on Mon. & Tues., April 7 & 8, 2014 from 6 to 8 PM. Call 860.584.7865 to register thru Bristol Adult Education.


Personal Safety on Nutmeg TV

Nutmeg TV invited me to film a “condensed” Refuse To Be A Victim version in six – 30 minute videos November 2012.  Although they are no longer being televised, they are available in the Nutmeg TV Archives. Here’s how to access:

1.  Type in on the top browser line.  Then click Enter.
2. Bring the cursor over PEG PROGRAM and click “Public.”
3. Type “personal safety” in the Show Search box. Click GO.
4. Check “Only Video-On-Demand.” Click Submit.
5. Highlight Safety Show choice with cursor and Click it.
6. Click “Watch Now.”
7. You may have to choose a software choice from your computer (such as Real
Player) to view the show.

These programs incorporate about  25-30 % of all the information provided to the student through my Refuse To Be a Victim presentation,  the provided booklet and resource materials.  Hopefully these videos will provide an incentive to learn more about your main weapon, your mind, through one of the scheduled programs! For your safety. . .  Dr Mike Taz


Discounting the Word “No”

A stranger doesn’t seem to understand you when you say “no!”
This is a warning….what it means…..where to see it…..what to do!


Niceness Is Weakness

Understand that criminals view niceness as a weakness, and what to do to help stay crime-free!


Answering the Door 2

A criminal is brandishing a firearm at your door and demanding to be let into your house. One possible way to handle this dangerous situation.